Classically trained in the art of Mexican cuisine, Chef Juan decided to leap into the world of fine dinning with his latest venture, Margaritas Grill.


Jalisco, MX

The Beginning


Juan Hernandez started cooking at age five, helping his mother prepare almuerzo for his father, younger siblings, and himself. Chiles was never a missing component. Mother Hernandez had learned how to make it when she studied abroad in Mexico City. It was young Chef Hernandez who mixed the marinade, a formula he perfected as he grew into his teens.

Many years later, he apprenticed under famed Chefs at a luxury country clubs in the Orange Country prefecture. There, he studied the art of European cuisine for seven years, and took a particular shine to the French and Italian soup-based dishes. His calling was starting to simmer.


California, US

The First Venture


After saving his wages from the OC apprenticeship, Chef Hernandez took out a loan and opened 24Carrots, his first Catering service in Orange County. Using simple, seasonal ingredients, he was able to bring the luxury of Mexico to all. Because he incorporated some of the Jalisco flavors his mother had inspired in him, Chiles en Nogada was both a huge success and a unique contribution to Mexico’s culinary landscape.

During his eighth year at 24Carrots, he befriended a Mexican shop owner. Chef Hernandez had stopped by his front stall for a quick dinner and fell instantly in love with his take on the tender and sizzled pork meat. Every ingredient was meticulously prepared, just like each Mexican course.


Riverside, CA

A New Challenge


Chef Hernandez opened Margarita’s Grill Restaurant and Catering in 2008 later founding Riverside’s five-time award winning catering in the region, Saboree Catering. Chef Hernandez has made it his mission to deliver fresh and wholesome food served everyday. Disdain the expeditious in favor of the delicious.